Lunch Menu

    • Lighter Lunch

    • Minestrone soup


      Italian classic, served with crusty bread.


    • Pollo saltimbocca


      Chicken fillets wrapped in parma ham sautéed with olive oil,  garlic & sage.


    • Gamberoni Vesuvio


      King prawns marinade in spices, garlic & olive oil served with bread.


    • Pancetta Arancini


      Pancetta & mozzarella risotto balls deep fried, served with spicy tomato.


    • Ciotola di cozze


      Large bowl of mussels in a Napoli, cream Served with crusty bread.


    • BBQ Ribs


      Half rack of ribs cooked in our very own BBQ  sauce,


    • Merluzzo croccante


      Crispy cod bites with pancetta & fine mix leaf, served with tartare sauce

    • Mozzarella carrozza


      Breaded fresh mozzarella topped with napoli, melted cheese & basil dressing.


    • Burgers

    • Buffalo Burger


      Lean buffalo mince with melted mozzarella, crisp parma ham, onion rings, gem lettuce served on a brioche bun with homemade chips and BBQ sauce.

    • Chicken Milanese


      Breaded pan fried chicken topped with spicy Napoli sauce served on a brioche bun served with garlic aioli and chips

    • Panini or Chiabatta's

    • Ciabatta di latte


      Sirloin steak strips sauteed with onions , served with mustard aioli


    • Pesto di pollo


      Grilled chicken breast with basil pesto, red  peppers & onions .


    • Mozzarella fresca


      Fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil with a balsamic reduction.


    • Sliders polpetta


      Spicy meatballs topped with melted mozzarella, served on mini brioche buns


    • ciabatta di verdure


      Tomatoes, zucchini ,onion, mushrooms, peppers sautéed & topped with garlic aioli.


    • Tonno fusion


      Tuna flaked with spring onion, fresh chilli & mayo melted mozzarella

      £2 EXTRA




    • Insalata Mista


      Mixed salad.

    • Chip fatti in Casa


      Homemade chips

    • Patate Saltate


      Potatoes sauteed with onions garlic and parsley

    • Zucchini fritters


      Zucchini fries with garlic aioli

    • Spinaci

      £ 2.95

      Spinach tossed with onion, garlic & parmesan,



      Peppercorn sauce.
      Dianne sauce.
      Parsley sauce.
      L’Olivetto sauce.

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