Drinks Menu


Coke/Diet Coke/ Lemonade 330ml £2.80
Fresh orange juice £1.40/£2.60
J20 £2.25
Still/Sparkling water £2.40
TONIC/Slimline Tonic 330ml £2.80
Dry Ginger £1.20
Pineapple juice £1.40
Soda £2.80
Appletiser £2.80


Baileys £2.80
Tia Maria £2.80
Disaronno £3.00
Bombay Gin £2.80
Smirnoff £2.80
Grey Goose £3.20
Martini Bianco £2.80
Martini Extra Dry £2.80
Martini Rosso £2.80
Havana club £3.00
Lambs Navy Rum £2.80
Malibu £2.80
Southern comfort £2.80
Courvoisier £3.00
Martell £2.80
Remy Martin £3.20
Jack Daniels £3.00
Glemorangie £3.20
Bells £2.80
Chambord £3.00
Grappa £3.00
Limoncello £3.00
Sambucca £2.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Soda, Slimline Tonic, Tonic  (330ml) £2.80
Ginger Ale £1.20
Pineapple, Fresh Orange, Cranberry £1.00


Pint Peroni £4.25
Half Peroni £2.70
Pint Poretti £4.20
Half Poretti £2.95


Peroni £3.80
Moretti £3.80
Corona £3.80
Kopparberg £4.20


Millivini Chardonnay

Has a distinctive bouquet of aromatic structure, dry but fragrant.
Glass Small £3.95 Large £5 Bottle £13.95

Verduzzo Leone di San Marco

Excellent as an aperitif and ideal with hors d’ oeuvres, sauces, fish and white meats
Glass Small £5.50 Large £6 Bottle £17.95

Oyster Shack Sauvignon Blanc

A delicate and classic aroma of gooseberry and grass with a rich scent of ripe tangerine blossom that gives a delicious crisp dry white wine with good depth and length of flavours.
Glass Small £5.70 Large £6.20 Bottle £18.95

Le Poesie Pinot Grigio

It has an intense straw colour and also an ample, lasting fruity bouquet. The palate is dry, soft and well balanced, due to its full body.
Glass Small £6.70 Large £7.20 Bottle £22.95


Millivini Pinot Grigio rose

Pale Salmon pink, refreshing and well balanced with aromas of ripe summer berries.
Glass Small £3.95 Large £5 Bottle £13.95

Arbour Point Zinfandel Rose

Delicate and refreshing, with a coral pink colour and soft fruit flavours of strawberries and peaches
Small glass £5.70 large £6.20 Bottle £18.95


Millivini Merlot

Ruby red in colour with an intense velvety aroma, full bodied fruit flavour.
Glass small £3.95 Large £5 Bottle £13.95

Arena Negra Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich currants with minty herbaceous aroma rises from this deep ruby coloured dry red wine, full bodied and fruity character with plums and peppers delivered on the palate.
Glass Small £5.40 Large £6.20 Bottle £17.95

Mc Peterson shiraz

The vanilla and black cherry aroma of this wine does not disappoint on the palate, as it leads to a lovely ripe black cherry flavour with hints of herbs and spices.
Glass Small £5.70 Large £6.50 bottle £18.95

Precioso Rioja DOC

A complex bouquet of ripe and juicy berries. This fruit-driven contemporary style perfectly complemented by the oaky vanilla flavours.
Small glass £6.25 large £7 bottle £22.95

Chianti Vernaiolo

A bouquet of wild cherry, smoky plum, floral and vanilla notes which carry through to the palate, firmly structured with chalky tannins and mouth watering acidity, a touch of oak spice trails on the satisfying lengh.
Small glass £6.75 large £7.50 bottle £24.95


Vino Spumante Prosecco DOC

This elegant prosecco spumante has delicate lemon fruit notes and a refreshingly lively style.
Glass £4.95 bottle £21.95


Laurent Perrier champagne
Bottle £55.00

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